7 Web-Based Projects to elevate your business - GUEST POST BY CAMERON WARD

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In the Digital Age, getting on the internet is a large part of boosting your business. You can expect customers to use the internet for everything from finding suitable businesses to purchasing products online directly. Ideally, you want to position your business to be as web-friendly as possible. Today, Intermedia Creator shares some tips that could elevate your business.

1. An accessible and user-friendly website

A business website offers numerous benefits, so it’s worth taking steps to improve the accessibility of your site. After all, a good website makes your business seem professional and credible. You can showcase your best work to past and present customers, raising their interest in your products or services. Prospective customers can research you conveniently before contacting you. Last but not least, you could sell directly online.

2. Mobile apps with on-demand services

Have you heard of the Spiffy car care app? It’s a popular mobile app that offers on-demand detailing and car-care-related services. Customers can quickly browse through service options, schedule a session, and pay at their convenience. There’s no waiting in line or talking to people on the phone. It’s fast and convenient. You could make your own similar mobile app.

3. Good content and SEO

Putting high-quality content up on your website – how-to’s, product reviews, and troubleshooting advice – can make your business more valuable and position you as an authority in your niche. Furthermore, good-quality SEO will help you rise up to the top of search engine rankings and bring in a steady supply of new leads.

4. Selling products and services through your site

You could turn your website into a digital store and make it a source of passive income. You could earn money by selling products; alternatively, you could redirect customers to a retailer for commission money. This is especially profitable if you have a blog and can explain why a certain product or service is worthwhile to your customers.

5. Utilizing web-based business software

Web-based business software can help you automate key business tasks and simplify your work. For instance, you can use bookkeeping software to keep track of your finances and remain tax-compliant. You can use invoicing software to create and share receipts with customers digitally quickly. Business software can simplify everything from product development to customer care.

6. Online services to set up and run your business

Besides apps, you can find services on the internet to help you run and grow your business. For instance, you can use a formation service once you’ve chosen a business structure. You can work with marketing agencies to brand and market your business digitally. You can hire freelancers or even full-time remote employees to work for you.

7. Online schools to pick up the skills you need to succeed

Last but not least is online education. Going to online school can help you hone your business acumen and pick up valuable business skills. Best of all, most online programs allow you to learn at your own pace while you run your business full-time or tend to other obligations. You could earn a degree in accounting, management, communications, or a similar interesting field.


It’s a good idea to implement multiple web projects at once after you calculate the potential ROI on each. It could take a while for your efforts to bear fruit, but the rewards should be well worth it – more customers, a better reputation, and more money at the end of the day. If you need extra help with running your business, don’t hesitate to approach a mentor or coach. You could also always go back to school for a degree to pick up valuable business skills.

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